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Drowning in Plastic – key take home points

Plastic pollution is a problem that significantly affects the planet, and ultimately us as a human race. Some scientists have said that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. A recent documentary on the BBC called Drowning in Plastic re-examined the issue to bring awareness to the ever-growing problem. Below […]

Sustainable Self Care -back to the basics.

Self care is probably one of the biggest buzz terms bouncing around the sustainable and lifestyle community at the moment. Personally I find the term a bit of a non-event. Surely just living every day, eating, sleeping and washing is self-care itself? If we didn’t, we would either be very ill or very unhappy. A […]

5 sustainable documentaries to watch now!

Documentaries have been a big part of my education in living a more sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable living is thankfully moving more into the mainstream, hitting headlines and getting peoples’ attention. There are lots of documentaries out there on the topic, below I have listed my top favourites so far that cover all sorts from fashion […]

Rare Beauty – Featuring Genesis Cleansing oil

With a love for discovering new brands and conscious shopping sites, I was delighted to come across Rare Beauty. What is Rare Beauty all about? A British online well-being and beauty store with a twist. All the brands on Rare Beauty are founded by female entrepreneurs who have created natural or organic products, with eco-conscious […]

Sustainable Style – The Curated Closet book review

Having always loved clothes and fashion but always struggled to put an outfit together concisely (or indeed consciously), I thought The Curated Closet could really help me. I came across The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees whilst having a good old browse in Waterstones. I have a kindle, but for non-fiction reference books I may want […]

5 tips to maintain your sustainable style journey

I am almost three quarters of the way through my sustainable style challenge, and it has been quite the roller coaster. One minute I am flying high on the supremacy of my newly found ethical and sustainable shopping habits the next, drowning in a feeling I am missing out when I see my friends and […]

8 sustainable and lifestyle podcasts I enjoy

I’m late to the party, but in the last year or so I have really got immersed into the world of podcasts. There’s a bit of a mix here from food, to fitness to health, but most have a sustainable twist! Wellness Podcast with Liz Earle  I imagine most people with an interest in natural beauty […]

Ragtrade Clothing Co. – An interview with founder Sammi

A while ago I came across RagTrade Clothing Company. Sammi the founder hand makes, and sources all materials herself. I got in touch with her after purchasing the Jenna apron. Read on to find out all about the design process, and how you can make a lovely clothes dye from avocados! For readers who haven’t […]

Sustainable style challenge summer update

I am now 7 months in to my 2018 sustainable style challenge so I thought I should give you a little update. I am pleased to say that I have (I think) well and truly kicked the high street shopping habit. When I first started the challenge, I longed to go and browse around the […]