About Me


I’m Sally! live in Gloucestershire UK with my boyfriend and working cocker Lola.

I have always loved being outdoors and exploring the countryside. My parents got me out and about from a young age, always accompanied by our two dogs Fern and Bramble and later Storm. Alongside my love for the outdoors, I love clothes and dressing, I have a relaxed simple style and comfort is always at the centre of what I am wearing. I should probably mention I am huge foodie too!

Now in my 30’s I appreciate much more the relationship between my lifestyle choices and actions and what effect it has on the environment. Through watching various documentaries and slowly piecing together my passions in life with the environment around me, I decided to make a marked decision to modify my choices and buying habits to those that will support a healthy eco system and to limit environmental damage as much as possible.

My Eco edit was born around December 2017 to share my sustainable journey and to offer information, tips and tricks, products and actions that I take to support my decision to live in a more sustainable way.

I am by no means perfect, ( I don’t expect that I ever will be), but I hope by sharing small actions and changes I am making, if other people can follow suit, the accumulative effective will have a huge positive impact on the environment.

I work full time in a demanding job with lots of travel and time away from home so I hope to share thoughts and ideas with you that can slotted into your everyday life, without upheaval and disruption, just a much better outcome for the planet!

Please comment, share and talk about the posts, hopefully together we can make a real difference.