An interview with ethical and lifestyle blogger Besma of Curiously Conscious

As you may already know, I love to speak to like-minded bloggers and pick their brains on all things sustainable. This week I spoke to Besma, the person behind the brilliant Curiously Conscious blog.

How and when did Curiously Conscious start?

Curiously Conscious came about in 2014, during a placement year in Paris. I was working in a French business, and learning how the French do things – and my interest peaked around food and agriculture. There’s a big emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables in French cooking, and it got me started into looking where my food came from. From there, I started questioning my clothing, beauty products, and everything else!

What can a reader expect to find on Curiously Conscious?

Curiously Conscious is a place to discover kinder ways to live. I focus on ethical fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel and homewares, and especially the new and novel ideas and experiences out there.

What sustainability issue or issues do you think need to be most urgently put in the spotlight? (for me it is intensive farming)

Intensive farming is a good one – it goes back to the origins of the blog, and understanding how farms shouldn’t be treated like factories. Mono-crops are so bad for both the environment and the end product too.

My main focus is on education – understanding how we can live in more eco-friendly ways without sacrificing our lifestyles or being branded a hippy. Right now, I think more needs to be done around carbon emissions – they need to be monitored, reported, and taxed.

For someone wanting to start a more sustainable lifestyle, what would you recommend their first step to be?

Review your current lifestyle. The easiest way to start living more sustainably is through small, habit-forming changes. Do you separate your waste – and how much is recycled? Do you take a bag to the shop? Could you walk somewhere rather than drive?

The use of the term ‘conscious’ is becoming more widely used in society as a better way to behave and live. What does ‘conscious living’ mean to you and how do you incorporate it into your day to day life?

Conscious living is about being aware of your impact in your day-to-day life. Every choice we make has an impact – and as No Impact Man demonstrates, it’s near impossible to reduce this to zero. Instead, see how you can make better choices, and stay informed.

I think its great to spread the word on sustainability and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, do you have any other blogs or resources you can recommend to readers?

Absolutely! If it’s blogs you’re after, I also run the Ethical Influencers community – the Directory hosts over 250 blogs focusing on these topics, from saving the coral reef in Australia to being more eco in the city.

Resources-wise, I like to keep up-to-date by reading Pebble Magazine and reading through The Good Trade and Greenhouse PR’s newsletters.


Thank you so much to Besma for talking to me. I will certainly be checking out Pebble Magazine and being a member of Ethical Influencers myself, I can certainly recommend it!

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