An Interview with independent retailer Honest Abode

Honest Abode is an independent online shop specialising in vegan goods for the home.

I think its massively important to support independent shops and businesses. When you buy from start ups and small businesses that are family run or privately owned, you know your purchase is going to make a great positive difference to their lives. More often than not customer service is tip top and they go that extra mile to help you. To find one with top Eco credentials is a bonus.

I recently purchased a couple of Christmas gifts from the Honest Abode and got in touch with Kate the founder to find out all about the company and how it started.

How, when and why did The Honest Abode come to life?

The shop had been a few years in the making. I was a Buying Assistant for a Home Accessories company which I loved but always dreamt of working for myself. When we relocated for my Husbands job, I shortly found out I was pregnant and I felt, with all the changes in our lives, that it was the right time to get the dream into action!

I became Vegan in January 2016 and would find it frustrating when shopping in some of my favourite shops that many items I would pick up would contain feather, leather, wool or other animal products and I knew that I wanted my shop to be completely vegan and that like-minded people would be able to enjoy perusing my shop without having to worry about the materials.

I launched the shop in November of 2017 and I’ve loved the first year. There is still so much to learn and explore, I still feel like a very little fish in a very big pond. But I’m embracing the quieter moments and I’m excited to see how it grows!

You have some lovely products on site, as you focus on vegan and cruelty free items how do you go about choosing your stockists?

Thank you! I discover a lot of my stockists through Instagram. I find it a great platform for discovering small, independent businesses. I also like to visit some of the UK trade shows and meet the stockists face to face. With the ever-growing popularity of veganism, it’s definitely easier for me to find stockists that fit in with my ethos.

Can you give readers any tips if they are looking to move towards a vegan lifestyle?

I would say don’t be worried about moving gradually towards a vegan lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be an overnight decision or a ‘quit cold turkey’ situation (so to speak!). You could change your diet before thinking about clothing or other lifestyle factors, just enjoy the changes and find some inspiring vegan books, bloggers, magazines, podcasts.

The move towards a vegan lifestyle may come from different aspects, whether it’s for health reasons, animal cruelty or environmental reasons and one of the best things is that for whatever reason you chose to become vegan you will reap the benefits of all the aspects.

I think the vegan industry has changed drastically in the last few years and with the abundance now in product choice and awareness it’s so much easier to move towards a vegan lifestyle.

What is your favourite product currently on the site?

Tough question! I genuinely love all the items that are on the shop, I’ve always said that I wouldn’t put anything on there that I wouldn’t personally purchase myself.jh

I love the Calhoun & Co blankets, they are from Brooklyn, New York and are so quirky and really different to anything else I’ve seen in shops.

And some products close to my heart are the range of Twenty-One Tribe sweatshirts – a bit of a side venture for me – they are a range of charity sweatshirts with £5 from the sale of each being donated to the Down’s Syndrome Association. A charity that I’m incredibly proud to support as my son has Down’s Syndrome, the support and information I gained from the DSA following his birth was invaluable.

What are your future plans for a Honest Abode, any new product lines or updates you can let us in on?

There are always some exciting new products and stockists in the pipeline! There will be plenty of fresh launches in the New Year. I’d also really like to expand the beauty and skincare offering so I’m on the hunt for some stockists in this department.

I love being an online retailer but I’ll definitely be looking in the future to trade at some local markets and who knows, maybe one day there may be a physical Honest Abode shop!


Thank you so much to Kate for answering my questions.

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