Eco friendly hand luggage

Travel isn’t the most sustainable thing to do- this is a given, but we can reduce our travel footprint with some simple travel swaps to reduce our waste.

Down below are my essentials for travelling in an eco-friendly manner, and they are also allowed in your air-travel hand luggage carry on.

Stojo Cup

This travel cup folds away to a flat disc which is really handy when you are carrying lots of bits and pieces with you. I use mine a lot on work trips where I am always blown away when hotels and conference centres choose to use single-use cups instead of washable crockery and glasses.

Travel Cutlery

I have a metal set of travel cutlery but if I was to buy again I would go for a bamboo set. The Kind Store do some great options. Again I have mine in my work bag and use it almost daily. If you are travelling by plane, I recommend you take out the knife, I have heard of them getting confiscated by airport security.

Water Canteen

Water canteens are widely available and probably the most useful item to have. Metal insulated bottles keep your drink either hot or cold for hours at a time and are totally reusable and recyclable if you ever needed to get a new one. Water fountains are popping up everywhere now which is a really positive step, so you can refill on the go helping the environment and saving you cash too. If you are travelling by air, make sure to empty before you go through security to avoid anything being confiscated, most airports do have water filling stations in Airport and Train station departures.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Solid shampoo and conditioner is a great option for reducing plastic waste and comes in very useful for travelling with hand luggage when you have limited liquid allowance. I have been using them for around a year now and find them just as effective as traditional high street formulas. Currently I have Lush Shampoo and conditioner. I store them in metal tins and they take no room up in your hand luggage. I have also discovered Beauty Kubes which double up as body wash, so again great for saving space and waste. They come in cardboard packaging with no waste.

Toothy Tabs

This one really helps with the liquid allowance for hand luggage. Lush toothy tabs are little flavoured tablets that you crunch in your mouth and mix with water to create a paste then you brush as normal. These are sold in small plastic bottles, however they are made of recycled plastic and Lush run an exchange program with bottles so that they can be reused.

Travel Size Pots

Buy a good quality set of pots to decant travel size portions for packing. Most of them are made of plastic, but I have had mine for about 3 years so far which has saved me buying countless single use travel mini size bottles. Glass is an option but you have to be so careful, for me it’s no good, I am too clumsy and they would only last five minutes!

Foldable Shopping Bag

When you are busy packing it can be really easy to forget to pack something that you can use for shopping or additional storage. I have a soft canvas bag that tucks into my handbag to give me a little extra room when needed.

Compact Make-up Palettes

Not something you may think of instantly as eco-friendly, but buying one case that contains bronzer, highlighter, eye shadow and blusher like my Charlotte Tilbury palette, really reduces the amount of plastic and packaging, it also saves space for travel!

I hope you have found this useful, if you have any other recommendations or tips please let me know.


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