My take on tidying up with Marie Kondo

My foray into the Marie Kondo method – read on to see how I managed.

I first learned about Marie Kondo when I had a free afternoon at home. The weather was appalling so I did what most people do and I started a search on Netflix. Little did I know of the phenomenon that Marie Kondo actually is!

Since starting to live a more sustainable lifestyle I have done a lot clearing out and really evaluated the belongings I have, and getting rid of anything that I don’t really enjoy having, using or wearing.

Part of living sustainably to me is not having clutter and waste.

I now (mostly) only make meaningful purchases that will bring lasting joy and usefulness. In today’s society it can be so easy to get carried away and buy things that we don’t really need or even like that much. I started my clearing out journey after watching the Minimalism documentary, you can read more about that here.

Now I feel I am in a place where my house is clutter free; but it definitely still needs a bit of arranging and sorting: here steps in Marie Kondo.

Marie has some key tips that she uses to get houses into an organised and calm state.

One of the first things she gets participants in her Netflix series to do is to make a big pile of clothes that are then gone through individually to assess whether they are something that brings joy to the person and whether it is something they want to keep.

A more eccentric part of the method is to greet your house regularly and to have respect for your belongings and to question whether they ‘spark joy’ into your life. Kondo asks participants in the method to verbally speak to clothes and thank them for their use- even if they are been relegated to the ‘get rid of’ pile.

The next step and the one I found most useful is the folding method.

Kondo has a system to fold clothes into small neat parcels that are easily seen and take up less space in your drawers or cupboards. I have found this particularly helpful. Say I had 10 t-shirts, I would always just be wearing the top 4 or so in the pile and never getting to wear the others below. I would wash what I had worn and then put it straight back onto the top of the pile.

It seems like an obvious thing, but storing my clothes this way, I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe! Everything is easy to see and neatly in order. My clothes are crease free straight from the draw.

Kondo recommends you firstly start sorting through the clothes and shoes in your house.

Secondly, bigger items such as books and homeware, then paper and finally sentimental items. For me it was mostly my clothes and office that needed the work. Kondo recommends having set places to keep your belongings so you always know where to find them. Again this sounds obvious but it really makes a difference. Now I always place office kit and stationary on the same shelves which has saved me hours from hunting for the stapler and paper clips! I have broken down larger shelf spaces into areas with dividers and used smaller trays to stop small items getting lost amongst others.

My ‘hair care’ draw has greatly improved! I had wires tangled up all over the place which was so frustrating and I had several old bottles which were never used so I shared some out to friends and some went to waste.

You don’t need to go out and buy tons of new stuff.

I have used shoes boxes and delivery boxes to break up space, as well as glass jars and washed out food packaging.

Once you have gotten into the routine of folding your clothes it really is a simple and easy routine and to my joy, I have managed to maintain! I just need my boyfriend to take the step too, according to Marie if I lead by example, he should shortly suit shortly…….


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