My 2019 Sustainable New Years Resolutions

I am a big fan of new years resolutions.

It is a great way to set some good intentions for the year ahead and to create some accountability for yourself. Changing habits over night is not easy, so give yourself time to change and adapt, whatever target you are trying to achieve. Implement one at a time, don’t over-face yourself.

Below I have listed my 5 new years resolutions that I hope to start and stick to in 2019. See if there are any below that you can try.

Reduce my dairy intake.

So this one is pretty hard for me as I am a big cheese eater and have milk most days in my tea, I also quite like yogurts. My aim is to try out diary alternatives such as oat milk and coconut based products. I’ve read quite a bit about nutritional yeast which is supposed to have a cheesy taste, so I am going to try some recipes and I will report back.

Eco friendly periods.

I think I am behind the times with this one. I have been using organic cotton TOTM products for the last couple of months and i’m about to invest in a reusable cup. Sanitary products contain a lot of plastic and end up in landfill and floating in our seas. Eeewwhhh! TOTM run a subscription service which I am thinking of trying, I think this way I will be less likely to revert to high-street products if I have a constant supply.

TOTM organic panty liners
image credit TOTM

Further reduce my single use plastic consumption

In 2018, I have taken great steps to reducing my plastic use, but there is definitely still more I can do. An area I think I can improve most is with food packaging, mostly when It comes to my lunch meals. I have reusable cutlery, water canteen and cup, but a couple of times a week I am buying shop bought lunches which often comes in plastic. I am a big fan of batch cooking for my evening meals, but it is something that I really need to implement into lunchtimes.

lunch time travel essentials

To increase my knowledge on sustainable issues

There isn’t many truer sayings than ‘knowledge is power’. I want to learn more about my carbon footprint and what I can do to reduce my impact on the planet. I would like to know more about conservation issues and volunteering activities I can do to have a positive effect on the planet. I intend to do lots more reading around environmental issues and alternative energy sources. Come back next week to check out my 2019 reading list.

Maintain my sustainable style journey.

One of 2018’s greatest achievements for me was to move away from the high street and to only buy from ethical and sustainable clothing companies. This has been a really enjoyable and rewarding journey. There is an abundance of brands that are affordable and stylish with great customer service. Buying second hand has also been something that I have started to do more of with Depop and Ebay being my favourite places to go.

Next week I’ll be bringing you my 2019 factual reading list. Make sure to come back and check it out!



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