Starting my journey to a more sustainable lifestyle

Why I want to be more sustainable

‘Sustainable living’ is a relatively new term for me, which is something I am quite embarrassed about! I have always had a love of wildlife and enjoyed being outdoors in the countryside, but never stopped to think about how my lifestyle and actions might affect my surroundings.  In my early twenties I didn’t tend to grasp the idea of a, “bigger picture,” of the world, being too consumed with my personal space and having a disposable way of living.


Now, at the grand old age of thirty, hopefully a less selfish person, I am much more conscious of how MY lifestyle affects the planet and what I can do to play a part in maintaining our great outdoors.  Also I have started to be increasingly aware of what I eat, making good consumer choices and how I view fashion and use of energy.

view of yorkshire

Probably the first time I thought about any of this was when watching programmes such as,”The Island” and “Eden.”  Here, people had to slaughter for themselves, the meat they were eating and the emotional effect it had on them.  Used to buying my own meat from a supermarket in clean, convenient little trays or at best, from a butcher, neatly portioned and carefully wrapped, these programmes really started me thinking!  Where has this come from? How did it reach my plate?  As I researched further, I was truly shocked at the extent of  the mass production.  Let me tell you- it ain’t pretty!  In addition, these programmes highlighted the amount of rubbish that is washed up onto our shores and the quantity of waste which reaches even the most remote locations.  Most, if not all is totally avoidable.

lake with swans

My sustainable light bulb moment!

I hope you are starting , as I did, to get the picture.  The cogs in my brain began to turn and I realised,  through,still ongoing research, just how many little changes I could make on a daily basis – which all go towards making our planet a better place for everyone.It is easy to be dismissive of environmental, ethical and welfare issues. I used to question what possible effect the actions of one person could have in the grand scheme of things. The proverbial penny dropped!  I am now certain that if everyone did just a little more, together, we could make a huge difference.

Nuns valley

Let me be clear, I am not professing to be a full blown Eco Warrior.  Working full time and leading a busy life, I can see however that tiny steps, coming together make a powerful imprint on the world in which we live. Still a meat eater, but I choose organic and free range.  I actively recycle and use eco- friendly products where I can.

Looking more closely at skin care and beauty ranges I realise there is a whole other story to be explored in a future post.

Moving forward, I will be updating My Life Edit with exactly that – the exciting, the mundane and often comical goings-on in my life, but the focus will be on sustainability and the further discoveries of mine, into the world of the organic and the Eco friendly!


Please let me know if you have any recommendations!


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