Sustainable Blogs- an interview with My Eco Edit

Yes, an interview with me at My Eco Edit! I am hoping to roll this out to some of my favourite sustainable bloggers and companies, so I thought I would share my test run with you!

When did you start to take an interest in sustainability and environmental issues?

I have always loved being out in the countryside, spotting wildlife and ‘crabbing’ in rock pools from a young age. I think, like the majority of people, it never occurred to me to think where stuff went when I threw it away or what eating a meat heavy diet was doing to the planet. Although I love the outdoors, I was pretty ignorant to the environmental disasters unfolding. Netflix documentaries such as What the Health, Vegucated and The True Cost Movie really opened my eyes. It started me thinking about my actions, and what was happening around me so it was probably a year ago I really started taking note.

What was the catalyst that made you think ‘ I’ve got to start a blog!’

For me, there was no real catalyst as such. I started a blog, as a hobby that I could do wherever I was with just my laptop. Travelling a lot for work didn’t leave me much time to commit to regular activities. I initially started a lifestyle blog back in May 2017, however I found it really boring, having no real purpose to my writing. I wanted to create something that I felt was informative to people and a cause I believed in.

In October 2017 the penny dropped! Seriously it was like a light bulb switched on and I knew what I wanted to do. I love the countryside. I love wildlife and nature. I love exploring, and I want to preserve all the wonderful places and habitats that enable me to experience these things. As mentioned, from watching documentaries about mass farming for meat and diary production, the fashion industry and plastic pollution, I really wanted to spread the word. I really believe if people knew more about is happening in modern day practices, ‘the truth’ if you like, people will slowly start to act differently and change their ways. My Eco Edit was born in December 2017.

Tell me about your blog, what can a reader expect?

My Eco Edit is a platform to inform and educate on everyday environmental issues. It has tips, tricks and products to help lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable Style, home and garden and Eco friendly places are featured, along with natural beauty and some guest topics. I want the content to be accessible and digestible to everyone. I want readers to feel that they can ‘take home’ an idea or action and fit it into their own lives, without too much trouble or compromising their lifestyle as it currently is.

For someone looking to live a more sustainable way, what would be the first change or step you would recommend them to take?

Before you make any purchase, whether it be food, clothes or home ware, to think ‘do I really need this? ‘What will happen to this when I’ve finished with it? Can I buy an alternative that will be better for the environment? It may seem like a challenge at first, but soon enough it will become second nature. You will start automatically making more sustainable choices. (check out what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle here)

I think it is really important to share ideas and build a community around sustainable ways and living. Can you recommend any other resources or blogs you regularly visit?

The Soil Association and Fairtrade for some good resources on what the organisations do, and can help you make informed buying choices. I have a few blogs I read frequently, but hopefully I can get some to part take in this feature, so I’m not going to share with you just yet!


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