Sustainable cooking- my five favourite cook books.

My last post was 7 tips on sustainable eating, so I thought I would follow it up with my favourite cook books.

Cook books are one of my favourite things. I can sit all evening and just browse through the pages. These books have accurate recipes that are (mostly) easy to make and contain lots of nutritious fresh ingredients. I really enjoy learning about flavour combinations and how to use up leftovers.

The Flexible Vegetarian by Jo Pratt

This book contains recipes that are veggie based but has tips on where to add meat if you so wish.  The miso courgette noodle soup is very tasty and comforting.


Jo Pratt Flexible Vegetarian

Land and Sea, Secrets to simple, sustainable, sensational food by Alexandra Dudley

Focusing on using the whole ingredient this book has some lovely seasonal recipes. One of my favourites is the baked aubergine Imam.

Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward

Ella Woodward has been extremely successful and I imagine is a house hold name for anyone with an interest in healthy eating. I like this book as the majority of the recipes are quick with few ingredients and simple steps to make a ‘delicious’ dish! Ella’s classic hummus is a go-to recipe for me.


Spring and Summer Cooking with a veg box by Guy Watson and other Riverford cooks.

This is my newest addition to my collection. It actually arrived in my last Veg box. This is a really great book focusing on spring and summer fruit, vegetables and salad. How to store, cook and prepare as well as tasty recipes, I will be looking forward to the autumn winter collection.

A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones

I absolutely love this book. The photography is stunning and recipes are very well written and clear to follow. Throughout the book, there are charts showing how to jazz up certain vegetables, great flavour combinations and how to cook the vegetable underdogs.


Can you recommend any great cook books? Please comment below and let me know.


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