Sustainable Living Audit 2018

With 2018 being my 1st year full year of living more consciously and sustainably, I thought I would audit the changes I have made to see what I have achieved.

Read on below to see the changes I have implemented and see if you have done anything similar.

Turning Vegetarian

A huge change for me that I started at the end of 2017 was to cut out all meat from my diet. I started off with the transition to just eating organic meat, but I soon switched and cut it out completely. This is quite a momentous change for me considering I used to have a gym shirt which read ‘Do it for the bacon!’

What is most surprising is that I do not miss it at all. My partner still eats meat, although he has dramatically reduced the amount, so the temptation is there but I am simply not interested. Check out my tips here on sustainable eating. I can’t see myself turning vegan anytime soon, but I do plan to migrate to a predominantly plant based diet.

Zero plastic body care

I have returned to good old fashioned soap! Say we were using a bottle of shower gel a month, that’s a minimum of 12 plastic bottles not going to landfill.

Hair care- Similar to soap, I have switched to Lush shampoo and conditioner bars. I was pretty sceptical about these to start with but I find they work brilliantly and give lots of shine and bounce to my fine flat hair! You can read my review of them here. At a guesstimate another 20 bottles saved from landfill.

Water bottles, travel mugs and cutlery

This is probably one I am most proud of as it’s a big accomplishment for me to remember everything when leaving the house! I travel a lot for work so previously I was buying bottles of water and cups of tea regularly, the same applied for plastic cutlery. If we think about numbers I would guess that to be about 50 cups per year and 150 plastic water bottles saved.

Sustainable Style

For a previous shopaholic this was another big one for me. As fast fashion is a major polluter changing shopping habits can have a big effect on the environment. For the last year I moved from high street shopping to only buying from small ethical and sustainable companies.

Nearly all my purchases this year have been made from organic cotton or organic bamboo or recycled materials. I have also made some purchases from Depop for second hand goodies. You can read about my sustainable style challenge here, and more about the brands I was buying here along with a more detailed look at how I managed the challenge.

Palm oil swaps

This probably the toughest issues to address as the stuff is literally everywhere. From car fuel, to soap, to sandwiches to animal feed. It is responsible for the destruction of wildlife habitat and the loss of homes to many endangered species. I can by no means say that I have completely cut out palm oil, but I consciously look for it and consider my buying options much more carefully. I wrote a post earlier in the year about palm oil and its effects on the environment, you can access the post here.

This post is by no means meant as a ‘pat on the back’ to me, but to highlight the simple changes you can make, and the big effect it can have on the environment. I still have a huge way to go, and next week I will be posting on my plans for 2019 and further changes I hope to implement and achieve.

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