What is an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Lifestyle?


I have recently discussed that I would like to live a more sustainable and Eco-Friendly Lifestyle, but what does this actually mean and perhaps most significantly why is it important?

Many reasons, but I see this in a very basic terms as a threefold problem, all of which are intrinsically interlinked. The first being that we are running out of fossil fuels that we currently use as our main source of energy (coal, gas, electricity). Secondly, the affect that using these fossil fuels in the volume that we do and the negative impact that it has on the planet through pollution. Thirdly, the lifestyle and diet changes of modern society that is highly consumerism focused, creating increasing amounts of waste that are not biodegradable. The overuse of fossil fuels, mass manufacturing and changes in diet have all lead to an increase in greenhouse gases,  producing a rise in the earth’s temperature which in turn, affects the natural equilibrium of the environment. This has numerous negative effects on us but also the entire natural wildlife and landscape.


What is a sustainable living?

Largely speaking, a sustainable lifestyle is when an individual wants to lessen their use of the world’s natural resources and actively look to reduce their carbon foot print. This is done by lowering their energy consumption and use of products that contribute to pollution of the natural world, which has a negative effect on the environment. Reducing energy consumption, diet changes and lessening the amount of waste we produce are key factors in living a sustainable lifestyle.

What does the term Eco friendly mean?

The phrase ‘Eco-friendly’ is becoming increasingly popular which is no bad thing, although you do need to do your research to check the credentials of products that use the term. The term Eco-friendly is used to broadly describe a product, service or action that is purposely created or carried out with the intention to prevent damage to the environment.  This can be anything from using a renewable energy source, to going paperless  or to using a recyclable paper cup instead of a plastic one.


Bringing both together

From the above, you should be able to see that a sustainable lifestyle and the terminology ‘Eco-friendly’  go hand in hand. As climate change is becoming an ever-pressing issue, it is so important to try and make changes in the way we go about our lives in order to address the problem actively.


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