LUSH! Fresh & handmade beauty products

Why Lush products?

Lush is a high street brand that many people will have heard of, (or smelt as they have walked past the door)! I thought this would be a good place to start my foray into the world of sustainable beauty.

Lush products

Lush prides itself on being an ethical, sustainable, handmade and 100% vegetarian company which uses as little packaging as possible (recyclable if needed). Lots of information on their policies can be found on their ‘our policies‘ page. They work with charities and grass roots companies, helping to develop and fund projects that support various missions from ethical working conditions to animal welfare issues, which they are well known for.  There really is a ton of information on the site, its very interesting and informative reading, despite some articles criticising the work they do, but from what I have read they do a significant amount more to contribute to a sustainable environment than a lot of the big beauty and healthcare brands dominating the market.

What did I buy?

My purchase consisted of 4 items and I picked up a free ‘Preservatives Handbook’. The handbook is pretty much a guide and fact book on natural and synthetic preservatives (including the ever discussed parabens) and history on natural ingredients such as honey and clay – all very interesting.

preservatives handbook Lush the preservatives handbook

Charity pot of moisturiser– Stop the Arms Fair.

When purchasing this moisturiser the total cost goes to the charity of the time. You can buy different sizes, I bought the medium as a trial and must say I was quite impressed. I thought it felt a little sticky initially, but I dress quite quickly after applying and it didn’t feel greasy on my clothes at all.  They also do a system where by if you collect 5 pots and return them to the shops you receive a free pot- winners all round!

Lush Body Cream

Bath bomb-

Probably what Lush is best known for. These come in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes, all of which make bath time a little more fun. Mine smelt delicious and my skin felt smooth and comfortable post-bath, rather than tight and itchy, which I often find with bubble bath.

Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask

Lush make fresh masks in store that need to be kept in the fridge as they have no or little preservatives in compared to many shop bought products. You need to keep them in the fridge and they will last approx 8 weeks. The Catastrophe face mask contains blueberries, calamine power, almond oil amongst other things for a calming, moisturising mask. I was most impressed with this as it left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated.

face mask face mask

Honey I washed the kids soap

Again there is a huge selection of soaps, I went for a honey scent, which is somewhat unusual for me! The soap doesn’t foam as much as a traditional shower gel but I felt squeaky clean after using it.

honey page

Overall opinion..

I have been pretty impressed with the products. The service in the shop was really great too, interested and knowledgeable staff that where helpful without being pushy. Would I buy from Lush again? Yes,  absolutely, in fact I am off into town this week to add to my pot collection

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