Rare Beauty – Featuring Genesis Cleansing oil

With a love for discovering new brands and conscious shopping sites, I was delighted to come across Rare Beauty.

What is Rare Beauty all about?

A British online well-being and beauty store with a twist. All the brands on Rare Beauty are founded by female entrepreneurs who have created natural or organic products, with eco-conscious packaging and stringent ethical standards.

Did you know that the top CEO’s of the leading beauty companies are male? I didn’t! You might think that strange as females are the bigger proportion of users of well-being and beauty products. True nonetheless. Rare Beauty are striving to kick that trend. All brands on site are founded by females, with small batch UK production, allowing precise, highly effective products to be produced with innovation and attention to detail at the forefront. All products are cruelty free with and do not contain artificial or potentially harmful chemicals.

The company was founded by Corrine, who after reading about the number of chemicals in her current skincare, decided to make her own natural products and to discover other brands with the same ethos, and hence Rare Beauty was born.

What Can I find on Rare Beauty?

A great selection of skincare and wellness products. From face oils, cleansers, to body butters and soaps, pretty much all skincare is covered. The site is easy to navigate with simple menus, I find it really frustrating when things aren’t easy to find.

 What Products did I use?

With a love of a good face oil/hot cloth cleanser I went for the Supernatural Beauty Genesis cleansing oil. This is an organic blend oil used to remove all makeup. The oil is a mixture of apricot, camellia and lavender, my favourite! The oil smells lovely, it’s light in texture, although an oil, there is no greasy feeling and it rubs in well. As another reviewer on the site has commented, it lifts mascara off really well without having to scrub at your eyes, and it didn’t leave any smudges around my eyes which I find quite a few products leave behind. I use 4- 5 pumps, rub slightly between my fingers and massage allover my face, pressing and holding for about 10 seconds on my eyelashes to melt away the mascara.

The bottle is glass so easily recyclable. It’s also a handy 50ml size, so perfect for hand luggage but a decent amount that will last a while (I have used mine for 2 weeks and I am about a 6th through the bottle). Following a couple of work trips my skin was really bad. I get quite hard painful spots that are deep in my skin and usually take ages to clear. I’m sure the Genesis oil turned this around in about 5 days, as it was the only change I made to my skincare.

genesis cleansing oil

Eco friendly Soap

To fulfil my zero was ambitions, I also got some bars of Soap Folk in Rose Geranium, Peppermint and Juniper. I know some people aren’t keen on the texture of soap, but these are really creamy and make a lovely rich lather, I would definitely recommend trying them. Two more plus points are that they are Soil Association certified and are Palm oil free, which is really important to me (and the environment) Being a little frugal maybe, I have also kept the wrapping to use for smaller gift wrap!

Overall, I’ve had a really successful experience with Rare Beauty and think they have a great ethos, for both female empowerment and promoting high quality small batch products. Supporting emerging companies is important and as they say on the website, each sale to a company like this means a lot more to them than just hitting the numbers on the spreadsheet.

New customers to the site can get 20% off their first order- what are you waiting for?

Any other new emerging brands I should check out? Let me know below.

Thank you

Just a note- any products I talk about/ review/ comment on, I have used, tried and tested and have had a positive experience. If I don’t like it, it doesn’t meet my ethical or eco standards, I won’t buy, use or try it.

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