My Sustainable Style Challenge 2018, fancy joining me?

Why am I doing the sustainable style challenge?

With fast fashion, low cost clothing taking the lead over high quality, high ethics clothing, I want to do something to kick the trend and to bring sustainable style into the limelight, cue my ‘2018 sustainable style challenge’.

My style background

So, painful to admit, it wasn’t long ago that I was one of those people who would spend hours trawling the internet to find the best bargains, and what I could do to get (what I thought) was the most for my money. When I was younger I could spend hours wandering around the shops and certainly was an avid fast fashion shopper.

Fast forward to today, and after lots of research into the fashion industry I have been quite shocked at the production methods behind cheap garments and the low ethical standards behind the majority of the production,  (check out my introduction to sustainable style here). I have also been re-evaluating my need for new clothes. Do I really need a new outfit for every occasion? Do I really need another pair of gym leggings to add to my 7 strong collection?  The answer to both of these and several other questions I have asked myself, is a residing no!

Naively I had also thought that sustainable and eco-friendly fashion would be limited tie dye, un-stylish clothing that would be hard to find. How wrong was I?! With a little research I discovered there is a wealth of choice of high quality, ethically made and stylish garments. I also hadn’t realised that one of the most sustainable ways to shop is to buy pre-used or second hand clothes, which really means no limits to the choice you have.

So, this brings me onto …..

Sustainable Style Challenge 2018

  • 12 months with no high street or fast fashion purchases
  • A limit of 1 new garment a month. (Only 12 new items in a year- yikes!)
  • Any new purchases will be from sustainable sources, with sound ethical values and commitments
  • Each new item purchased will be documented on my Instagram and blog to share my sustainable style finds
  • Spread awareness of the how to dress with more sustainable style, exploring new brands, production methods and turning old items into new pieces.

Who’s joining me?

Doing this challenge I hope to learn and develop a better way to dress and to permanently change my ways, leaving behind the high street and having a much more considered approach to fashion and style. At times I am sure it will be hard, but I am determined to make it stick and come out the other side happier and lighter with a closet I love and pieces that will last a lifetime. I hope to build a community, to share experiences, hints and tips and support each other along the journey.

Please comment and let me know who’s in and how you are getting along.

PS – there will be one exception to the rule and that will be a bridesmaid outfit that has already been purchased!


  1. Ah, this is so challenging! Looking forward to seeing all your stylish sustainable sources and changing some of my own spending habits!

    Good for you!!

  2. Yes I’m so excited to read this. I’m a crafter and I make a lot of my own clothes but have recently discovered that a lot of the fabrics I’m using are produced in the same unethical ways as a lot of fast-fashion garments so I’ve started a blog to document my sewing sustainably pledge. However there are still lots of things I can’t make like bras, socks and shoes so I will definitely join you in this challenge to only buy what I need from sustainable and ethical sources!

    1. ah that’s great to hear you are going to join in thank you! I would like to look at improving my sewing skills so that I can repair and modify clothes myself. Keep a look out on here and my Instagram for updates. Sally

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