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Sustainable style update featuring Rapanui.

March’s purchase may class as a little cheat, I’m not sure, but either way the ethics and manufacturing of the garments fit my criteria so I am OK with it. ( check out my sustainable style challenge here) This month I purchased a 3 pack of organic cotton t-shirts from Rapanui.

Organic Cotton Top - 3 Pack

Three months into my Sustainable style challenge and things are going well.

I am not struggling as much as I thought I would with the want to buy new stuff. I am not sure whether it is because it has been a quiet time of the year socially or whether I am actually naturally changing my shopping habits for the better . I think time will tell!

 Rapanui is a British brand hailing from the Isle of Wight, started by two brothers in 2009.

They have a really excellent timeline on their website detailing the companies journey from conception to current day. It really shows the efforts the company has gone to source a sustainable supply chain, and ethical working conditions. They also do a lot of work with charities to promote environmental issues. An example would be their current Ocean conservation collection to raise aware of the fight against the rising level of sea plastic and ocean pollution.

 I am trying to purchase garments that I can use for multiple purposes.

With this in mind I went with a classic cut T-shirt in white, black and grey. They are all well made and the quality feels really good. The black one is smart enough to wear for work, so is the white, and I will probably use the grey for weekend walks and chill time.

The t-shirts arrived in what looked like a plastic bag, although it actually made from bioththene which is a plant based poly-bag that can be recycled. They also use recycled cardboard boxes and paper envelopes to send parcels out.

I went for a size 10 pack and would say that they’re pretty true to size. I always wear a 10 in bottoms but an 8/ 10 for upper body. The t-shirts are a fairly square cut so I think I could probably of been fine with an 8. The T-shirts are very soft and have washed well.

3 pack Rapanui Tshirts

I am so pleased to have found a brand that is open and transparent in their production and have strong ethical values. They have a great range and are very reasonably priced which is always a bonus. I am sure I will be purchasing more in the future!

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  1. Thanks Sally, very interesting. Will check out Rapanui and going to pass this on to my friend Kim. Think she will be interested too. Have a good weekend. Kim.

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