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So for my March purchase I went for something both stylish, comfortable and importantly, sustainable.

I have been looking at the ‘Nude Ethics‘ website for some time and finally managed to whittle down what I wanted. (I am only buying 12 new garments this year – for full details of my  sustainable style challenge click here). I went for the Scribble jumper.



























This is a sweatshirt style jumper in navy blue with a scribble design on the front. It is a round neck, long length style made from organic cotton.

I have to say this is probably the softest and cosiest jumper I own. I got mine in the sale for £28, although If I had the full price of £45 I certainly would not have been disappointed. It is excellent value, I have seen similar style jumpers in the three figure mark.

Nude Ethics jumper Nude Ethics Package

I was really impressed, so I dropped them an email to find out a little about the company.  Here is what Jessica the founder had say.

How and when did Nude Ethics start?

Planning for Nude Ethics started this time last year (March 2017). I started being more ethical in my day to day life. I started focusing on ethical clothing but I struggled to find many options in the UK, so I thought I’d start my own brand. I work at a screen printing company in the day, so I can organise and make my own stock – it helped starting things.

You have some great products on the site, how do you go about picking your brands?

I found them all through Instagram, while looking for new clothes, these were the brands I looked at before I started my store. I wanted to buy their clothes for myself, so I thought I’d stock them. I only want to work with small brands, it was surprisingly difficult to find ethical brands that could offer wholesale. There’s still a lot of brands I’d like to stock.

What do you think has caused the current interest around sustainable style and ethical companies in the fashion industry?

I think it started because of all the focus on how ethical beauty products are and the curiosity of where your food comes from. I guess fashion was next in line to be questioned.

What can we expect to see in the coming months from Nude Ethics? Is there anything you can give us a sneak preview of?

To be honest, I have no idea! Something just comes to mind out of nowhere and I get the creative urge to make something new. The ‘Summer’ design was inspired by the excitement of going on my recent holiday. I’m not sure what will inspire me next. At the moment, I’m just learning and figuring out how to run a store on my own (everyone thinks there’s a team, I wish!). I need to work on my photography, so hopefully they’ll be an editorial soon for a new summer collection.

Nude Ethics is just the type of business I think we should all support. Go check out theirm collection now, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

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