An Interview with The White T-Shirt Co.

I have had my White T-Shirt Co. bodysuit and top for a few weeks now and I absolutely love them!

They have washed well maintaining their shape and softness with lovely organic cotton. I wanted to find out more about the brand, so I got in touch with a few questions for the ethical and organic company. Read on below to find out all about the business and their brilliant products.

How and why did the Company start?

Our founder Penny suffered from eczema since she was small and has always had to be careful about what she used on her skin. The natural extension to this of course is what she wore next to her skin. As she grew up Penny became increasingly aware of the harm chemicals in our everyday lives can do, so started to seek out alternatives. And the alternative clothing was all very hippy – she wanted simple, understated and a little more grown up. So while on maternity leave she started a little research – which led to our now Danish partner. They were the 1st company in the world to work with organic cotton back in the 80’s so they had plenty of experience. Once you feel and understand the difference between organic and conventional cotton you’ll appreciate the difference this makes to what you wear next to your skin.

Although it’s the classic wardrobe staple that ‘perfect white t-shirt’ is rather elusive. So The White T-Shirt Co was founded with a single goal – to find the perfect white t-shirt. Made without compromise to quality, style or ethics, these are t-shirts with a wearable difference. The basis of any good quality garment is the materials and it took us nearly two years to develop the organic cottons we were happy to go to market with. The original collection was built around classic styles and because we’re all so beautifully different, available in a variety of neck and sleeve lengths.

What can shoppers expect to find on The White T-Shirt Company?

We focus on the simplicity of the white t-shirt, it’s the small and often unseen that is important to us such as the weave of our cotton or the stitching detail of our seams. Small things that make a big difference, things that make them beautiful in a way you can’t quite put your finger on.

Our t-shirts are all GOTS [Global Organic Textile Standard] certified and come with an ethical promise of transparency and lasting quality. They are designed for people who appreciate the care and workmanship behind a label and are looking for ethical basics to work their wardrobe around – season after season.

A white t-shirt is a core piece which does not need to be loud or announce itself, it stands as a faithful piece in your wardrobe.

We have not moved far from our original stance in either design or ethics. We have kept to core designs, classic colours and continue to work with the suppliers we originally started with – we all have a shared vision of what quality and sustainability means to us!

I absolutely love the two items I bought, the navy T and grey body suit. They feel such great quality and keep their shape really well. Was it challenging to the right suppliers to work with? 

All of our t-shirts are GOTS certified which means that throughout our supply chain our t-shirts are monitored for their environmental and social impact. Using a third party helps bring in expertise which we don’t have in house and helps us make sure that the standards we’d like to set are met throughout our supply chain.

Having said that we work closely with our partners in Denmark, Turkey and Ukraine and have been out to visit many times. It makes such a difference when you know the people involved in making your product and you can all work with a shared passion for getting it right – and the best!

For readers that are interested in ‘sustainable style’, what does sustainability mean to you?

Being ethical and sustainable from soil to scrap. Every stage of our ethical production is monitored by GOTS social and environmental requirements. It is important to us to be transparent to our customers so they know how their quality t-shirts are made.

Our cotton is hand-picked, spun and knitted by Sanko in Corlu, Turkey, who adhere to the strict environmental and social responsibilities for growing organic cotton.

The fabric is then transported to Green Cotton’s factory in Lviv, Ukraine to be cut and stitched. The company is approved not only by GOTS but also the EU eco label and Oeko-Tex 100 standards to assure minimal use of pollutants and chemicals during manufacturing.

When our t-shirts reach our base in North Shields, England, they are ready to be hand pressed, packaged and posted to you. We continue to be conscious and transparent of our ethical activities, like with our packaging, which is locally sourced and environmentally approved… and bio-degradable!

 Are there any lifestyle tips you can share with us?

Take a look at our recent blog post, ‘Drowning in Plastic’ to see the lifestyle changes we recommend to try and help our oceans and wildlife.

Finally, are there any new projects coming up with White T-Shirt company you can give us a sneaky peak of? 

The White T-Shirt Co are expanding and developing new products to add to our collection. We have one product area soon to be launched this month, and another in the Summer… All will be revealed very soon!

We have also launched our Tailor Your Tee service which allows you to not only purchase the best quality cotton tee with a chain of production that is ethically approved but also you can ensure that your tee has the perfect fit too.

Many of our customers have told us that they struggle to find the correct body or sleeve length for their garments. They long for the bespoke touch which isn’t offered on the high street – this is where we come in with our Tailor Your Tee service.

Find out more here

This is such a great company, that cares about their team and customers. A simple white tee is an absolute staple for all wardrobes, go check them here and snap up yours now!

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