An interview with Organic Basics

I was kindly gifted a little parcel from the lovely people at Organic Basics, and I have to say I was super impressed, so much so I got in touch with them to find out a little more about the brand.

Tell us a little bit about the history of Organic Basics and how the store came to life.

Our founders started out Organic Basics because they were sick of buying, wearing and throwing away underwear after a few months of wear. They disliked the fact that the fashion industry was the second most polluting industry and the market leaders are the ones who created the problem. Organic Basics was seen as a part of the solution to this problem.

SilverTech™ Active Complete Pack Muscle

What sort of products can we find on Organic Basics?

Underwear, Activewear and everyday essentials made with more environmentally friendly materials in factories that care for their workers and their environment.

SilverTech™ Complete Pack Thong

We love the simplistic designs and colour palette, how do you go about picking your designs and styles?

Thanks. We look for product styles that are necessary to complete a wardrobe and then build them together with our manufacturers with more sustainable materials and better workmanship so they last longer.

SilverTech™ Active Tee

Your clothes are made of some great materials such as organic cotton and recycled Nylon which we have come across before, but what is SilverTech?

SilverTech Everyday is made from organic cotton and a silver coated polymer thread.  SilverTech Active is made from premium Italian mechanically recycled nylon, seamlessly knit in Portugal and then treated with a safe and permanent, bluesign approved recycled silver salt called Polygiene. What that recycled silver salt does is inhibit the growth of odour forming bacteria on the fabric so it stays fresher for longer. You can treat pretty much anything with that treatment, including underwear. The ultimate goal here is to encourage the world to wash their clothes less, because the majority of the environmental impact a piece of clothing has comes from washing and drying it – using water and energy. Thus, washing clothing items less is one way to cut back on personal water usage and CO2 emissions.

SilverTech™ Active Leggings


More and more high street brands are starting to advertise ‘sustainable’ material, but often this turns out to be green-washing without much substance. The fact that Organic Basics goes into such detail about its materials and ethical manufacturing is really brilliant. Can you give us any tips on spotting a genuine sustainable company from one that is trying to fool us?!

Sure there is a lot of green -washing out there. It’s best to work with brands that show where it’s made on their website,  and show the certificates that they work with.

Lite Bralette

If a reader is looking to move to a more sustainable way of dressing, what would you suggest the 1st change would be to make?

‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last’- as Vivienne Westwood said.

What’s next for Organic Basics, can you let us know about any new products or projects in the pipeline?

We’re releasing some more activewear and underwear styles this year, some swimwear early next year and then 2020 is going to include a lot more essentials for the wardrobe.

Cheeky Briefs 2-pack

Thank you so much to Organic Basics for speaking to me!

I have the invisible tank and cheeky thong. – I can honestly say it the most comfortable underwear I have. It is a super lightweight material that doesn’t twist or ride up, you literally forget you are wearing it.

If you would like to get your hands on some, please use my discount code MYECOB for 10% off the whole site valid until 31st August  2019. Happy sustainable shopping!

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