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I am now 7 months in to my 2018 sustainable style challenge so I thought I should give you a little update.

I am pleased to say that I have (I think) well and truly kicked the high street shopping habit. When I first started the challenge, I longed to go and browse around the high street, my usual haunts like Topshop and Zara, but now it barely even crosses my mind. I think this is probably due to continuing my research into how clothes are made and their ethical and environmental impact. What I have started to struggle with is my one purchase a month rule. There is such a vast selection of amazing stylish, sustainable and ethical shops available. A couple of finds have been STALF, Know The Origin and Ragtrade Clothing Co. I think it’s fair to say that if you do choose to buy from ethical and sustainable sources, you will be paying a little more, but for me it is well worth it, knowing that the person who made my clothes is cared for, and payed a fair wage. Of course, the other alternative is to buy second hand from places like Ebay, Depop or charity shops, where you can get real bargains and avoid clothes going to landfill.

My recent purchases

Over the last couple of months I have purchased some new items. I made a real impulse purchase of an Ethcs jumper that was in the sale on their site. I hadn’t come across the unisex brand before, but really liked their ethos and this sweater will be multi-functional and all importantly it’s super comfortable. Earlier this month I had the wonderful job of being bridesmaid to my oldest friend Catherine. Catherine purposely chose outfits that we could all wear again to limit waste and to avoid a single wear outfit. These were from the high street, but I think you will agree it was better to go for this option than the alternative.

I purchased a couple of pieces of jewellery from Daughters of the Ganges, a social enterprise business. Click here to find out more about them.

I  had to make one purchase that I wasn’t fully comfortable with, and that was a new pair of gym leggings that I got from the HM Conscious range. I go to the gym 5 times a week and with the heatwave we have had in the UK, my clothes have been in the wash constantly, so I needed another pair to keep me covered. The Conscious range from HM uses recycled materials, so I felt like it was the best choice to make. I struggled to find affordable workout clothes that are eco-friendly. If you can recommend any brands to me please comment below!

Through doing my sustainable style challenge I have honed in on the clothes I really like to wear and I’m coming up with a more diverse yet signature style.

I have found that I am not much of a print person; and although I am drawn to red, I don’t feel comfortable wearing it. I am a big fan of a shirt, and I am getting to grips with a high waisted silhouette and a more defined middle portion, rather than always going with a baggy look. Having a smaller wardrobe I am finding ways to reinvent older pieces and enjoying new ways to style my current wardrobe. I am not quite ready for a capsule wardrobe, but I can now certainly see their benefits and how they could be a huge benefit to simplify a busy lifestyle.

finding new ways with old clothes

As I mentioned, I have my eyes on my August and September buys already –  I will make sure to come back and update you in due course. If you have any questions on my style challenge or brands to check out please let me know, I love to hear you favourites!

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